Steel Gates for Arizona Estate

  • Location: Sedona, Arizona
  • Description: Custom steel gates designed and manufactured for a private estate in Sedona, Arizona. The gates are made of welded steel and feature intricate detailing and a unique design.
  • Materials Used: Steel, welding materials, paint
  • Size: Two gates, each 8 feet tall by 4 feet wide
  • Design: The gates feature a unique design inspired by the natural beauty of Sedona. The steel is shaped and welded to create a dynamic, flowing form with intricate detailing throughout.
  • Process: The steel was cut and shaped using CNC machines and then welded together to create the final form. The gates were then painted using a high-quality industrial paint to protect them from the elements.
  • Challenges: The project required careful coordination with the estate owner to ensure that the gates were designed and manufactured to their exact specifications. The gates were also installed on a slope, which presented challenges during the installation process.
  • Timeline: The project took approximately 10 weeks to complete, from initial design to final installation at the estate.
  • Result: The custom steel gates were a stunning and functional addition to the estate, providing security while also enhancing the property’s aesthetic appeal. They were a great example of the high-quality metal manufacturing work produced by our company.